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The Crucible of LifeNew Life beginning

Today, I have first witnessed the new new life from this pair of Ibis. Have seen two of the three eggs hatched this morning.  All on time 21-23 days from laying of the eggs.  Not strong enough to stand yet, but will see that in the next couple of days I expect. Each chick is born naked and a short stubby pink beak.

Over the next 48 days I will witness the growth of these chicks, as they become fully fledged at that time.

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The Crucible of Life - end of week 1 20160904-JellsPk

Returned to the lake for the first time in a week to check on progress of the Ibis nesting. No sign of hatchings yet. All 3 nesters safely tucked in for another night. Noticed that a little bit of friendly (I expect) sparing goes on between the nesters probably protecting their individual space. Don't know how it will go when all nine hatchlings start to grow into adult sized birds. Look forward to observing...

A tail-ender egret is returning to the lake for the night. The egrets typically leave the lake in the mornings just after sun-up and head-off for the day before returning just on dusk each day.

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The crucible of life I have found a close view of an Ibis nest for three pairs of Ibis.  The last pair were still nest building on 28 August 2016. They laid eggs on 29 August 2016. So in around 3 weeks I expect to see hatchlings. I expect the other two pairs will hatch earlier, but I don't know how much earlier. So I will keep watching and photographing. The crucible of life 20160828-JellsPk 20160828-JellsPk

The crucible of life
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Jells Park in Spring 2016 Blog dated 28 August 2016

The last couple of weeks I have returned to Jells Park in Melbourne to continue  my photography of the wildlife habitat and how it changes during the seasons.

Spring is officially upon us on 1st September, however the bird population have been busy nest building during August, and today I have witnessed the first batch of Australian White Ibis juveniles. These are probably from eggs laid at the end of July.  

An Ibis fledgling20160828-JellsPk Ibis egg incubation20160828-JellsPk

It is interesting to note that the Ibis population is predominantly the main bird species nesting on the island this year. Last year saw a large population of Cormorants, pied cormorants and darters.  While there are some and maybe these species are yet to arrive in normal numbers for nesting, or have gone elsewhere. I will keep watching.

Cormorant nest building20160828-JellsPk

Cormorants nest building20160828-JellsPk Another observation I have noticed from last season was how much of the island canopy was being used for nest building. It appears to me that the canopy has not been able to regenerate back to pre-last-season, so it is looking pretty barren (relatively) this season. Another thing to watch and compare my photographic records. It might be that spring is yet to bring on the new growth.

An interesting day with great promise of more photography with new populations of birds.

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New uploads I have finally completed bringing across from the old website Marree Camel Cup racing and Lake Eyre Yacht Regattas from previous years.  Also the current 2013 images are now finally catalogued for your viewing. If you were there you knew how enjoyable it was.


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Lake Hope Sailing coming soon

Currently sorting the Lake Eyre Yacht Club images. Hopefully ready first week in August.


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New photos to Marree Camel Cup 2013 Just for my trusted Marree Camel Cup viewers are images from the recent Marree Camel Cup this month, July 2013.  Hope you enjoy. Unfortunately I was only able to be at the Cup this year for a couple of hours.  Of course the Donkey Racing showed how stubborn donkeys can be.

Coming soon will be the coverage of the LEYC 2013 Sailing Regatta at Lake Hope following the Camel Cup. This was a four hour drive from Marree through the sand dunes of Ettudunna and Mulka Stations.  Many thanks to the land holders for allowing us the priviledge of crossing their lands to such a remote part of our country.  It was a huge priviledge to camp and see how beautiful the outback is with water around.

In 2010 I had the pleasure of flying over both Lakes of Lake Eyre when they both were in flood.  This year I repeated the flight and have taken more photographs of the experience.  Such a dramatic change in the drying up of water that it is difficult to show the same parts with and without water. 


I have just recently returned from a weekend at Woods Point, Victoria.  This was a weekend away with friends for the purpose of off-road driving in the snow primarily to Mount Skene.  As luck would have it it snowed over the weekend giving great opportunity for some snow landscape photography. However not cold enough at Woods Point itself.  The theme of the weekend was to get some images that are timeless, that is to say were they taken last week or early last century?  The snow helps hide time and Woods Point is locked into an era that takes us back in time.  This is it's quintessential attraction.


Please enjoy the imagery.




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