I have now expanded the Landscape gallery to include Nature photography also. My recent journeys to Jells Park in Melbourne has confirmed in my view, how much nature is a part of the landscape. With that in mind it seems limiting to have two galleries.

The beauty of winter photography is that dawn and sunset times mean being able to do landscape and nature photography at reasonable hours, although of course the temperatures are decidedly cooler.

This website offers you the opportunity to view photos of some of the places I have and will visit. There are many galleries of places I am in the process of cataloging. Please be invited to register with this website for updates of new galleries as they come on line.

I also provide personal and family portraiture services, locking in the important moments of your life for you to look back on throughout your life. I proudly use Canon full frame equipment and Hasselblad medium format cameras to provide you with photographs that stand apart.

David Godfrey